The Purpose of Life

If you’re pondering upon the reasons for your mere existence and wondering what is the purpose of your life, you are not alone.  Just like you, from time to time we all question ourselves why we are here.  You hear it over and over…”The purpose of life is a life of purpose”.  And you ask yourself, “What is my purpose?”

Maybe, you were put on this earth to simply be the child of eager parents.
Maybe, you’re here because someone needed a friend.
Maybe, you’re here because you have a special gift that can make someone smile.
Maybe, you’re here just to make others look good.
Maybe, you’re here to invent something that can change humanity.
Maybe, your purpose is solely to fulfill the gift of life.
Or maybe, your purpose is simply someone else’s purpose for living.
Whatever your purpose is, big or small, live it, and live it to the fullest, to the very end!

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