Growing Strawberries In Your Home Garden

Growing strawberries in my home garden is one of the most rewarding gardening efforts I’ve personally experienced.  From time to time people would ask me, “Why waste your time and energy growing them when they are readily available and fairly inexpensive to buy?”  Well, there are a number of reasons why I grow them, but the number one reason is - the TASTE!  There’s no comparison between the taste of fresh picked strawberries and the ones store-bought.   Strawberries fresh picked from the garden are juicier and much more flavorful than ones you buy from the stores.

What I learned from growing strawberries:
It requires minimal effort due to its perennial nature.  That means you plant them once and reap the rewards year after year.
Strawberry plants that survived the winter cold.

It is cost effective because they can multiply.  Strawberry plants produce “runners” that lead to propagation. That means the couple of “parent” plants you bought initially will grow into a huge “family”.   If you want a large strawberry patch, be sure to leave enough space in your garden for them to expand.
These were the 2 plants I bought initially.
2 plants multiplied to all these.

They can take over your garden because they can multiply.  If you don’t want them to grow like weeds, be sure to trim the “runners” or cover the soil with landscape fabric to keep them from propagating.
With help of the "runners", these strawberry plants are growing like weeds.

Ants love them too!  So, be sure to protect them from hungry ants.  I used ant baits and landscape fabric to keep ants away.
Ants even love the strawberry blossoms!

They come in different odd shapes and sizes, but they’re all DELICIOUS!

How to grow Strawberries:
Simply follow the instructions on the strawberry plant package or check out these instructions.

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