Welcome to my blog - Simple Things In Life - Live, Be Yourself! Here you will find some of the simple things that have enriched and continue to add tremendous value to my life. The simple things in your life might be totally different. These are the "stuff" that put a smile on your face, warm your heart, touch your soul, calm your mind, stir your passion, awaken your creativity, or simply make you feel good as a human being.

I'm Megan. I'm a full-time working mom who's employed in the financial industry with degrees in Fashion Design and Business Management, with a love of photography and a passion for cooking, baking, gardening, crafts, and sewing. I've been cooking for more than 25 years, baking about 10, gardening over 6, and sewing ever since I was a little girl. With the exception of sewing, I had no formal training in any of these skills. I find these necessary life skills are not only fun, but they are also therapeutic and very rewarding.

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